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Q: When do I need an Inspection?

A: An out of state inspection is only required when a vehicle is brought into Kentucky from another state or is purchased in another state, and whereas the owner is going to reside in Lawrence County and would like to obtain a Lawrence County license plate. Your vehicle must comply with provisions of KRS Chapter 189 pertaining to vehicle equipment.


Q: What will be inspected?

A: A Lawrence County Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff or clerk certified in vehicle inspections will check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the Title or Certificate of Origin. This information along with the vehicle mileage is recorded on a Kentucky Application for Certificate Of Title/Registration Form. You must take this form to the County Clerk to obtain a Kentucky license plate.


 Vehicle Requirements:

To comply with the statutory requirements set forth in KRS 186A.115 and 6o1KAR 9.090 all vehicles coming into the Commonwealth are required to be Roadworthy at the time of inspection.

Two front head lamps, upper and lower beams

Turn signal (fully operable)

Rear, Side clearance lights (red in color)

Emergency flashing lights

Side mirrors

Windshield wipers

Windshield safety glass, free from obstructions

Door windows (in place with no damage)


Seat belts (any vehicle manufactured after 1981 is required to have seat belts)

Brakes, adequate to control movement, to stop the vehicle

Steering device not to be defective


Good tires

***Air bags cannot be covered if they have been deployed ***

Make sure your vehicle complies with the above list before requesting a vehicle inspection.


Q : What is the cost?

A: The fee for an inspection is $5.00 cash or check only – Sorry no credit cards. If you have One or more vehicles to be inspected, we will come to you, but the charge is $ 15.00 for the first inspection & $5.00 for every inspection thereafter.


What To Bring with you:

– vehicle Title
– Your Driver’s License
– $ 5.00 (Cash or Check Only)